Set in a beautiful hand crafted environment with engaging puzzles and fun combat, the game follows a Player and their canine companion as they discover the secrets of a realm that becomes more familiar as the player progresses. The objective is to uncover the truth behind the player’s existence and find a way to get back to where they belong.

The puzzles in “Between” are designed around both Player and Canine companionship as they strengthen the bond between the two. The friendly and mysterious dog, being a magical companion, also possesses unique abilities that aid in puzzle-solving such as revealing hidden clues and altering the environment.

“Between” explores a deeply emotional story about love, loss, and acceptance. On a quest to find who they are and what they believe in, the Player learns to cherish the companionship of a new friend and the joys of adventure.

As the narrative unfolds, we learn more about the Player’s past and the journey home becomes clear, or does it?

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